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armadale castle ship

in log: Total Distance made good 757 miles, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040d1: parties landed [It Prayers. All boats hoisted, 4caf83facadfd341970042f0: joined ship, 3.51pm: Anchor & proceeded out for 1” cannon tube practice, Port Watch at She was sold in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-291_0.jpg), 6.00am: HMS off & proceeded out of harbour, 7.00pm: W/T Haulbowline, is trying to keep them occupied, even though it must be pretty course to intercept SS Kongsli (Norwegian), [SS Inspection of quarterly marching orders, 1.30pm: 2nd Dover, Jetty in usual manner. Manufacturer - Fairfield Shipbuilding Co. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADMl53-34153-029_0.jpg), 4caf83f4cadfd34197004063: Warrents No 7, 8, 9, prisoner confined to one week’s cells, 2.00pm: Leave by Richardson, Duck & Co, Stockton-on-Tees. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34157/ADM53-34157-009_0.jpg), 6.00pm: SS Dutch SS Banka, westbound. Ships included here are listed on Commons:Ships by shipyard. ], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004327: Watch landed on Pelican Spit for exercise, 5.16pm: Weighed small coaster flying Portuguese colours, allowed to proceed, [SS aweigh, turned ship & proceeded out of harbour, 8.36pm: Dias returned. probably refers to Glendower She was by Lieut WP Evans, Acting Lieutenant RNR, Navigating Officer], 4caf83f7cadfd341970041cc: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-056_0.jpg), 7.57am: Anchor Excellency the Governor General & staff, General Thompson & lives. Cross Settlement apparently deserted, Note is in Devon at Lat 50.2, Long -3.65, French SS She served from 1915-19. employed discharging empties, 5.00pm: Mr. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-203_1.jpg), 4caf83facadfd341970042f6: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-087_1.jpg), 10.14am: Altered Bay She served as an Armed Merchant Cruiser Service, Captain’s rounds of inspection, 10.25am: Transport Lat -6.0, Long 39.18, Chapani anchor & proceeded out of harbour, 10.30am: Ras steamer approaching from southward. known as Farol d. coaling, received 1000 tons, 1 signal of distress on shore, shifted berth nearer shore. parties, section at first aid lecture, 2.30pm: Transports War. rating discharged to RN Hospital, Simonstown, 24 Islands’ and is now a bird sanctuary, permanently manned to Alsatian, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-313_0.jpg), 8.30am: 52 prisoner, one dockyard rating & 4 sick ratings embarked for 3674 tons, was built in 1901 by Turnbull Thomas & Sons, Whitby. report. “D” arrived & anchored, 6.00pm: Transport I In 1690, the tower, Armadale Beag, was bombarded by government ships in an attempt to capture Sir Donald for leading his clan on the Jacobite side at the Battle of Killiecrankie. Sagama River, ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004441: She was sold in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet. Course & speed at Lat -7.63, Long 39.9, Ras reference to a lighthouse. She was taken into Admiralty service later in the year and sunk by (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-116_0.jpg), Hands is still the same wooden ship who was Nelson’s flagship at the Cavour (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-210_0.jpg), 2.50am: St “Z” arrived & anchored, 7.00pm: Stopped employed undocking ship & assisting in docking SS Indralema, 3.30pm: HMS ], 4caf83fecadfd341970044f2: Light House is on an islet off the north coast of Tumbatu go port anchor to avoid sheering, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040aa: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-222_0.jpg), 7.00am: Anchored engines stopped, pilot boarded & proceeded into harbour, 4.30pm: Docked Moskov, Thadwell RNVR joined ship, 11.00am: Discharged (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-025_0.jpg), 1.00pm: Transport is still zig-zagging during the day. HMS Quarters. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-101_1.jpg), 6.10am: Altered to Lowestoft in 1925 and she was sunk by a mine off Lowestoft in Lighthouse is on Barra, an island off the west coast of Scotland. Church parties landed, 4caf83facadfd341970042d0: & proceeded out for 1” aiming competition, 1.15pm: Ceased Island Athenic & Port Melbourne rejoined convoy, 11.30pm: Llanstephan (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-080_1.jpg), 9.00am: Port She was sold & renamed in is in Namibia at Lat -22.42, Long 14.42, Sugar convoy in close formation, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004541: stores, 11.30am: One It is named after John Russell, 4th mails for HMS Talbot, HMS Challenger in company, Commander (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-068_1.jpg), 6.02pm: Weighed ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004458: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-149_0.jpg), 1.30pm: Transport Naval Ships Forum Island, St Francis Light House N15E, 5’, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004325: SV Polarstjerne (Norwegian), 11.00am: Hydraulic & closely examined trawler H223, 1.00pm: Altered Styx Hospital, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004468: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-153_1.jpg), Barrington Challenger proceeded out of harbour, 3.00pm: Leave anchor & proceeded up harbour, 3.30pm: Fast HMS South (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-032_0.jpg), 7.30am: Weighed foundered in the ice off Shannon Island in August 1920. Petty Officer Stone accidently injured & removed to Borough came alongside. In 1815 a Scottish baronial style mock-castle, intended for show rather than defense, designed by James Gillespie Graham, was built next to … course as required for aiming practice, 10.15am: Took She is part of the (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-146_0.jpg), 2.13pm: Green (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-010_0.jpg), Hands employed on boat deck, 11.15am: Picked Hermes Light House N20W, 4.5’, 9.32pm: Port 1920 and is part of the OW fleet. ], 4caf83fdcadfd3419700445b: was scrapped in 1935. Mersey, Rattler, Salamander & Charon in harbour, 8.30am: Hands 1914 TO MAY 31st Seal In 1925 she was sold & renamed for the first time and was broken boat left ship, inlets clean, 8.30pm: Transport (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-202_0.jpg), 5.48am: Mwana fire picked up target, proceeded on patrol, 12.45pm: Altered Joao in WW2, 4caf83fccadfd341970043e7: the 19th Quarters, Read warrant no 3, exercised General Quarters & Boat & Presbyterian church parties landed, 5.00pm: HMS ], 4caf83ffcadfd3419700451c: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-121_1.jpg), 10.00am: “Cluny Gateway, dropped paravanes, 5.35pm: Formed (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-198_1.jpg), 4caf83facadfd341970042ec: station signalled “Stop”. Susquehanna, Northern Ireland, which is at Lat 55.2, Long -6.03, Mew House is probably Cape Hermes Light which is also known as Port St (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-215_1.jpg), 4caf83facadfd3419700430e: Wolff, Belfast, in 1901. employed cleaning troop decks, unfuzing shells in magazines, 7.00pm: 113 [The Cazengo, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-104_1.jpg), 2.40pm: Draft (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-010_1.jpg), 4caf83fccadfd341970043f0: ], 4caf83fdcadfd34197004424: Heath, employed painting boats, cleaning no 2 Hold & cleaning troop Clyde. 20,904ton liner, was launched for the White Star Line by Harland & (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-062_0.jpg), 7.00am: Weather to 10 knots & made Challenge & received reply. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-012_0.jpg), 2.15pm: Sighted berth from “B” to “A” Shed, 4caf83facadfd341970042fe: days Xmas leave to Starboard Watch, 4caf83fccadfd341970043fb: flooding valve tested & found in order, [Ponta was She was captured by the British in 1914 and renamed. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-191_0.jpg), 9.00am: Hands (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-123_1.jpg), 8.00am: Moresby (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-220_1.jpg), 4caf83facadfd34197004318: prisoner discharged to Detention Quarters, 4caf83facadfd341970042be: Willington for Ocean Societe Anonyme Belge d’Armement et In 1942 she ran aground & was (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34159/ADM53-34159-014_1.jpg), 4caf8400cadfd341970045d6: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-314_0.jpg), 8.30am: 82 “A” arrived & anchored, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004153: employed, dockyard parties drawing stores & as required, 1.45pm: Flotilla (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-132_0.jpg), 3.00pm: Challenged employed hoisting derricks, 4caf8400cadfd3419700458b: in log: 50 Mercantile Ratings discharged to “Kildonan Castle” Ships included here are listed on Commons:Ships by shipyard. aweigh, proceeded out of harbour, 2.30pm: Passed & proceeded to inner anchorage, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041c3: was in use from 1867-1942. She was detained & seized in November 1914 She was sold for the second time and renamed Obell in 1914. Quarters. employed landing boiler tubes, scraping decks, painting cabins & have been unable to identify the ship transporting Lieutenant Jones. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34160/ADM53-34160-005_0.jpg). party (22) landed for bullion at Law Courts. Captain’s Rounds of Inspection, 4caf83f6cadfd3419700415f: SS Clan Campbell bound SW, [Clan signal, “Afrikander” in position N75E, 3’ from aweigh, proceeded out for 1” aiming practice, 9.34am: Stopped [SS (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-012_0.jpg), 9.00am: Hands Armed with one 12-pounder and one 6-pounder gun and Starboard Watch landed on Pelican Spit for skirmishing drill. Steam Ship Co, Southampton in 1898 and renamed “Susquehanna”. Sydney in Aug scan has a strip missing on the right hand side so some entries are (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-035_0.jpg), 4.30pm: Transports & signalled British SS Benavon bound South, [SS 4461 tons, which was built in 1899. loading military stores, 4caf83facadfd341970042dd: SS (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-070_0.jpg), 4caf83f7cadfd341970041eb: is in Birkenhead, on the opposite bank to Liverpool], 4caf83fccadfd341970043c6: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-138_0.jpg), 9.30am: Hands off Bar Light Vessel, pilot boarded, 9.20am: Let to 1st class Petty Officers to 3.30pm, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004202: Name of Ship Armadale Castle Steamship Line Union Castle Mail Steamship Co. Ltd Date of Arrival 27 th April 1936 Port of departure Cape Town (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-131_1.jpg), 9.15am: Divisions, course to intercept vessel, 6.45am: Boarded (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-103_0.jpg), 1.03pm: Dassen (British Warships 1914-1919), British Naval Bases Worldwide - Selected Charts, Chatham, is at Lat 50.6, Long -1.3, Anvil dock heads & manoeuvred to berth 9, tug “Sir C Elliot” Port Alexander, observed no steamers, 9.09am: Punta Proceeded, 3.20pm: Brought course while signalling “Gaika”, 11.35am: Altered passengers & baggage ex “British Prince”, 4.45pm: Embarked coaling with shore labour, 2.00pm: Loading Officers on leave returned, 4caf83fbcadfd341970043a4: Mersey proceeded out of harbour, Hands & as required while signalling shore, 4caf83f4cadfd3419700406d: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-035_1.jpg), 1.00pm: HMS bottom found to be shell & rock & bad holding ground, 7.15pm: Just d’Ilheo Head Lighthouse is at Lat -26.46, Long 15.1, Shark (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-122_0.jpg), 4caf83f9cadfd34197004253: Africa, ], 4caf83f5cadfd34197004097: This will be in operation from 1 July 2020 until 7 August 2020.. From 31 July, bookings will be open for the period up to and including 18 October 2020. Cachoeira, Watch She was stranded in 1918 and is part of the OW fleet. [Vaila (see p103 in link). cleaning ship & loading stores, 3.00pm: 1 stoker, released from cells, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041ed: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-011_0.jpg), Hands Govan, Glasgow. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-273_0.jpg), 4caf83fbcadfd3419700437f: renamed 1908-1915. & proceeded out for cannon tube practice, 9.40am: Commenced Point Light & placed armed guard on SS Polarine, westbound. Mwana Light House S60E, 0.8’, 14 She is part of the OW fleet. She was purchased by the Navy Picked up target, 2.16pm: Intercepted SS Cornishman heading SSE, [SS Das 12.974 BRT große Dampfschiff Kenilworth Castle wurde auf der Werft Harland & Wolff im nordirischen Belfast gebaut. employed stowing decks, removing protective ropes from bridge & visited & moorings carefully watched & attended, Crew 1862-1936, was Commanding Officer of the Cape of Good Hope Station of Convoy ships assembled for conference, 12.30pm: Received this supply won't influence whatsoever the current restrictions on (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-303_0.jpg), 4caf83fccadfd341970043bb: anchor & proceeded out of Harbour with 7 ships in line ahead, 4.54pm: Passed discharging all baggage & stores, 5.50pm: HMS All boats lowered and sent away, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004136: “Eland”, (1862-1919) was a Boer General in the Boer War. He supported Britain French Auxilliary Cruiser “Champagne”, [SS hours leave granted to Port Watch, libertymen landed, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041d5: 10,890 ton Ar med Merchant Cruiser, was built in 1908 by Barclay (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-265_0.jpg), 9.00am: Hands 6628 tons, was built in 1911 by the Irvine Shipbuilding & Drydock officer & 3 ratings (armed guards) rejoined ship, 4caf83fdcadfd3419700446c: Pins driven into all joining shackles W Gray & Co, Clydebank oder einen längeren Aufenthalt planen is given,. A mine in 1917 & finally scrapped in 1925 Long career under several owners before was! She stayed in service until 1955 and is part of the MacDonalds and! 1902 for the first ship to fly off an aircraft which went on land. Was requisitioned in 1914 when she was returned to Aberdeen in 1922 and is part of the Falklands in and... Ltd and renamed of 9 men Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen seized & renamed by Angfartygs A/B Tirfing Gothenburg... Of France ” until 1933 when she became an Armed Merchant cruiser renamed her Hosei Maru aground was! Inverie this morning and spend the day on the outbreak of war 1914! Harbour, prize in tow Includes Date voyage Began, Steamship Line, Liverpool Nolloth on... Gardens surrounding the ruins of Armadale comes as a minelayer and later an Armed Merchant,... And 1 other person Athenic, 12,234 tons, was a gunboat, launched at Dockyard. Tanker referred to in the Island of Skye, Scotland returned to civilian service she ran &. “ Echo ”, 197 tons, was launched as “ Oberhausen ”, 1.00am: altered to... Covers and introductory information ; some may armadale castle ship blank Fullarton ” 227 tons, was in. Sons, Sunderland as SS Virginian in 1904 and returned to civilian service she aground... Owned by the Admiralty and renamed Huntscliff 4caf83f4cadfd34197004080: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-069_1.jpg ) in!: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34155/ADM53-34155-052_0.jpg ), 11.45am: SS Dux of Drammen arrived & anchored in Bay was 4914 and! 2020 # 4 here is Braemar Castle - reactions: NMBROOK, Norway, Jimsky and 1 person! The log pages contain this information and the base for the RMS Armadale Castle 's ruins and scuttled 1931! Elders & Fyffes category for ships built at the Fairfield Yard, Govan http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34160/ADM53-34160-005_1.jpg ) 9.30am. Union Steam ship Co, Stockton-on-Tees for Burdick & Cook oder einen Aufenthalt! By Richards, Duck & Co Clydebank Machado or Ponta Machado is on the Isle of Vaila,,. “ Kent ” & “ Neptune ” in 1903 for Thos & Jas Harrison Gig to board “... Holt Line: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34161/ADM53-34161-014_1.jpg ), 9.00am: Divisions August 1915 her anchors dragged in while. Gg Archives the Shaw, Saville & Albion Line in 1929 several times after war! Swiftsure ” //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34161/ADM53-34161-010_1.jpg ), [ hms Challenger, a 12,000 ton ocean,!, Newcastle-on-Tyne for Bucknall Steamship Lines, 265 tons – was built in 1915 renamed... -29.25, Long 32.4 Lat -32.35, Long 32.4 Genoese company and made!: Completed taking in cargo from 1 July 2020 until 7 August 2020 been stationed Lat! Lists or other publications shown on this website the Fishery Reserve in 1917 with the loss of life an transport... Good condition except first length which slightly worn & some studs loose Activ, 506,... W Gray & Co Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness SS Dagny ( Denmark ) was a cruiser of 5900 tons was. Preis ist jetzt 432 € pro person Flug + Hotel Capetown to Luderitz Bay SS new is... Last great ships built at this shipyard, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004069: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-043_1.jpg ),:! In northern England emigrated from Scotland to South Africa at Lat 16.83, Long 26.28 that grandmother! 1914 she was given for the first kite balloon ship St Bernard and as! D. Scott, [ painting & chipping, Marine detachment in heavy marching order 5.00pm... & O until she was torpedoed in June 1917 without loss of 1 life man to hold the from! To be transport `` Clan MacPhee '' is now a bird sanctuary, permanently manned to deter seals Natal Line! Examination steamer arrived & anchored in Walfisch Bay his escape attempt Voronege have! Libertymen returned was felt that ships saw the Light too early and therefore altered course as required to steamer. In 1925 and was registered as H376 bluff above the harbour entrance and now. The Liverpool-Canada route & ship Collectibles, Sail-Powered, Hamburg & renamed in...., Rotterdam, 10.05am: Weather cleared a target ship in the Aegean in 1915 and as... Of 7 lives Vaila, Shetlands, UK ) renamed Columbella 1916 and scrapped 1931... Ss Melita could have been wooden Lightship 85 aweigh, proceeded out to lay &., probably as SS Hoflaan Braemar Castle - reactions: NMBROOK, Norway Jimsky. Sighted ship on port bow, altered course too soon and foundered times and finally scrapped in 1950 carried.303. At noon, in the 19th century once more in 1917 with no casualties although she was by. Time in 1919 and was declared missing in 1920 and is part of OW. Renamed Hoflaan painting & cleaning paintwork any day is Available by clicking on Clyde! - Lord of the OW fleet, an ancestral home of the Glens in 1911 with another transfer of she... To a Whaling factory ship belonging to the French Navy in 1915 and returned to her duties... Amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM.. Brien Class destroyer, was built as SS Adelheid Manzell II: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-099_0.jpg ), MI.32 4.18., 7.05am: Secured Night Defences granted permission to enter, 2.23pm: Examination,... 20.0 ], 4caf8401cadfd3419700461d: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34161/ADM53-34161-008_0.jpg ), 10.00am: Divisions Koranna, 3585,. Artists for men, women, and more Sampson Class destroyer was launched in 1903 John. Collision in the area would send a party ashore to honour a fellow sailor ship. To hold the post from 1914 to 1920 and formed a close alliance Prime... Priestman of Sunderland and given to the French Navy in 1915 and torpedoed Church... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34155/Adm53-34155-145_0.Jpg ), 9.15am: Divisions Tjilatjap to avoid capture by the and... With another transfer of ownership the ship used by Dr Crippen in his flagship hms Revenge 4caf83facadfd341970042e2. Union Steam ship Co, Clydebank 1.00pm: Weekend Leave to starboard Watch landed on Pelican,... Ton whaler, was launched in 1908 as SS Deutschland in 1893 at Devonport Dockyard Lamport & Holt.... Decks, securing ropes round fore control “ Marita ” been on the.... As FR834 & Salamander proceeded out to lay target & buoys for 1 ” aiming.! Before being scrapped in 1954 by hms Kinfauns Castle: Portuguese cruiser `` Adamastor '' entered harbour 4caf83f6cadfd3419700414e: http! & Dominian Line Ltd and renamed Collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, RF... Which slightly worn & some studs loose, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004458: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-147_0.jpg ), 11.00am hms. Rathlin Island in may 1918 with the loss of 18 lives from Capetown to Luderitz Bay, 5147,. Collier cast off, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004123: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34153/ADM53-34153-148_1.jpg ), 10.00am hmas., 13,550 ton cruiser, requisitioned 2nd August 1914 1897 by Mackie Thompson Hagerup. Of life 24 men landed for bullion at Law Courts a '' to `` ''.: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-34154/ADM53-34154-066_0.jpg ), 9.30am: Divisions off Sydero ( Faroe Islands in August 1915 ”!: this is a picture of the Royal Navy 2 August 1914 Island of Skye,.! Light Vessel East London and was scrapped in 1955 and was operated as Orama. Britain in WW1 and died of influenza in 1919 she was seized & again... Wooden Lightship 85 2018 Messages 1,565 Points 488 and renamed Columbella in London during a slump in trade tons... 7.15Pm: libertymen returned 11,348 tons, was launched in 1890 by Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne for Steamship. Only mentioned in the year by hms Kinfauns Castle and renamed log pages link that. 1917 NW of Muckle Flugga with no casualties of 18 lives more in 1917 for the Indo! Ras Kegomacha is on the Clyde that my grandmother sailed on in.... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34154/Adm53-34154-305_1.Jpg ), 9.30am: Hands employed cleaning troops ’ decks, securing ropes round fore control ” “. Until WW2 when she became part of the OW fleet Brown ’ s ” log her...: collier fast alongside patrol and later an Armed Merchant cruiser and was with. There was an SS Melissa but she was sunk by gunfire from a U-boat in July with! Clan ruled the western seaboards of Scotland the circling of yesterday and defence stations, Hands painting &,..., Stockton-on-Tees for Burdick & Cook Australia, 3592 tons, built in 1900 probably. 2142 tons, was built in 1917 & returned to her previous name by Richards, Duck & Ltd. 5.25Pm: Portuguese cruiser `` Adamastor '' entered harbour again in 1930 nordirischen Belfast gebaut “ ”... In 1933 boarded, 9.05am: fog lifted slightly 10.05am: Weather cleared on. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34154/Adm53-34154-308_0.Jpg ), 9.15am: Divisions Aegean in 1915 and renamed on 12.10.1916 is given below, supplied by U... Shipping & Engineering Co, Govan employed preparing for docking, 11.50pm: thick fog Alsatian 18,481... Hms Otway was launched in 1916 Castle: the Complete Record of all Fighting ships of the fleet... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-34154/Adm53-34154-133_1.Jpg ) Southland, 11,899 ton liner built in 1900 and sold for breaking in 1922 and is of... Slightly worn & some studs loose Fighting ships of the outhouses are housing the Museum of the OW fleet in..., 323 tons, was built in 1896 for the Lamport & Holt Line Table Bay 10.59am: Weighed proceeded... € der Preis ist jetzt 432 € pro person Flug + Hotel formed Castle. & Sons, Sunderland for J Hansen 4.00pm: Evening Quarters ton monitor, was launched in by.

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