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While being chewed out by a seamstress for losing the dress he used in his fail attempt to cross the bridge, Miguel wanders off with Dante and ends up talking to the real Frida Kahlo herself. Goal Héctor Mulan: Mulan • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ping • Shan Yu Héctor first appears trying to cross over to the Land of the Living disguised as Frida Kahlo. Héctor Rivera Coco Parade: Magic Happens Miguel Bernal sings for the role in "Coco," too. YOU'RE A COWARD! : After turns as the voice of Miguel in Pixar's 'Coco,' and the lead in short film 'Icebox,' 12 year-old actor Anthony Gonzalez's star is on the rise. I wanted Coco to forget you, too, but... Héctor Embittered with his old friend for taking the credit, Héctor reveals he wrote the songs Ernesto is famous for. Héctor (exact date if u can, please) ). Héctor Didn't Know Ernesto Took Credit For His Songs. [3] Héctor was a loving father and wrote the song "Remember Me" for her. Imelda, I... [Suddenly shudders and collapses to his knees, Imelda gasps]. Gracias. After his wife gets the portrait back after being forced to sing "La Llorona", Héctor and Imelda finally start to reconcile. Ernesto de la Cruz [Hugs Miguel, then looks to Héctor resentfully]. Restaurants: Fuente del Oro Restaurante • Miguel's El Dorado Cantina : [grabs Miguel by the shirt collar]  Detach-ability Mischievous, well-meaning, sly, charming, caring, loving, nice, somewhat desperate (at first), fatherly, humorous, benevolent, romantic, protective, stubborn, devoted, creative, talented No, I don't. Imelda. Ernesto de la Cruz One year later, Héctor has received the recognition he deserves in both the realms of the living and deceased. Socorro was named after her paternal great-grandmother. Gael García Bernal plays the charming Hector, an inhabitant of the Land of the Dead who needs Miguel's help in order to visit the Land of the Living. [to Mamá Imelda]  Mamá Imelda He defensively refuses to allow Miguel to play "Remember Me", a song that he wrote as a lullaby for Coco. After leaving and angrily crumpling his warning, Héctor meets a living boy named Miguel who, having overheard that Héctor knows Ernesto de la Cruz, asks Héctor to take him to Ernesto to receive Ernesto's blessing so Miguel can go home. Dante brings Miguel to Héctor when the former tells him that he's looking for his great-great grandfather. The Rescuers: Bernard • Bianca Powers and abilities Meet the Characters and Voice Cast of Disney Pixar's Coco and See the Beautiful New Poster, Correction: Imelda was 19 when Coco was born. | : : He is happy to learn that he can finally cross over, thanks to his picture now restored by his descendants who greatly value his memory. Héctor has acquired a number of bad traits during his time in death: being deceitful, quick-dealing, and having the air of a con artist. He resembles Miguel a bit when he was alive. Many years ago, Héctor was a passionate musician from Santa Cecilia, born there on November 30, 1900. You think I'd let him go back to the land of the living WITH YOUR PHOTO? Even after he learned he was actually murdered, Héctor still carried the responsibility of his choice, which moved Imelda when he owned up on the pain that he caused their family. Background information And so what if it's true? He wore a light brown Mexican formal attire with white upper outlines similar to Ernesto's. Héctor sings "Remember Me" to a 3-year-old Coco. ... knuckles, they drag on the floor. 21 (reply to @EllenBecker95 Love this movie so much ♥️♥️ I have a question...what age did Héctor die? : Appearance Well everyone knows Juanita / Her eyes each a different color / Her teeth stick out / and her chin goes in / and her... Héctor Born in 1896, Ernesto was an up-and-coming musician from the town of Santa Cecilia. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Dopey • Magic Mirror • The Evil Queen • Grumpy • The Prince • Sleepy • Doc The novelization reveals more of Héctor's past. He tried to go home to you and Coco. : : Despite matching what his run-down appearance may suggest, Héctor, at his best, is a charming, creative, and deeply family-oriented man. They then rejoice at the revelation of their heritage and pride of being family. He spends five minutes with you, and I have to fish him out of a sinkhole! ". Up: Dug • Russel • Carl • Kevin • Alpha Mamá Imelda In the end, when finally he can cross the bridge to the Land of the Living, he is wearing shoes, symbolizing how he has been welcomed back into the family (due to Imelda's legacy of shoemaking). : Héctor helped Miguel in his quest to find the famous singer Ernesto de la Cruz and escape the Land of the Dead. Lady and the Tramp: Lady • Tramp Not in life, not in death! Paraphernalia Mijo, I was so worried. Even his tour with Ernesto was motivated out of the desire to share his feelings with the world. There are children present. Miguel Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack • Devil Dale According to his voice actor, Gael Garcia Bernal, Héctor's birthday is on November 30. : With his condition deteriorating further and his descendant at Ernesto's mercy, Héctor pleads with his former friend to not hurt Miguel and let him go home, but Ernesto refuses because the child will surely ruin his legacy if he goes back to the living. Our memories, they have to be passed down by those who knew us in life - in the stories they tell about us. | : Shaken from the experience, Héctor offers to help Imelda off Pepita, but is brushed off. Other names Miguel At the start of the film's events, Héctor was shown to dislike music nearly as much as his estranged family. During his time in the Land of the Dead, Héctor learned how Ernesto took credit for his songs, growing resentful. With Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach. Ernesto was the one who convinced Hector to go on a series of tours throughout Mexico. Hearing this name prompts Miguel to show him a family photo of young Coco and Imelda, the boy's great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. Deleted scenes revealed that Héctor would work as a tour bus guide in the Land of the Dead. His bones have become brighter and his markings are fully colored. Ernesto, STOP! Up until the end of the movie (aside from flashbacks), Hector is barefooted. To get his picture on his family's ofrenda and be rememberedTo help Miguel get back to the Land of the LivingTo reunite with his daughter, Coco Héctor Rivera is the deuteragonist of the 2017 Disney/Pixar animated feature film Coco. : During his life, he met a woman named Imelda, and their shared talent in music sparked a romance. While he held a grudge against Ernesto for taking the credits for his music (which later grew hateful after discovering his betrayal), Héctor showed no ill will to Miguel when it was assumed the latter was fraudulent musician's descendant; growing fond of the boy in their time together and comforted him when his supposed great-great-grandfather turned on him. But upon learning that Miguel possesses little to no experience in performing, Héctor insists that he take his place on stage but is refused, as Miguel was determined to prove himself as a musician. HE'S A THREAT! Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh • Tigger • Piglet • Eeyore • Rabbit • Honey Bee Pooh • Flower Piglet • Bunny Tigger Miguel Rivera. Miguel As they performed together on tour, Héctor wrote the songs and Ernesto sang them. He then explains he wrote "Remember Me" out of love for Coco, singing it in a sincere tone. Brave: Merida Mamá Imelda In spite of his family's ban on music, young Miguel is determined to become a great musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. : Héctor Leave the boy alone. Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey • Yen Sid Sunrise approaches as Héctor starts to fade away and Miguel's transformation into a skeleton is almost complete. So in mid-1940, he set out on tour with his childhood friend Ernesto de la Cruz. Unlike the rest of his family, Miguel gained a love of music from his great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmother after being inspire… Héctor Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach him and stole his songs they in... Film, Coco the experience, Héctor has received the recognition he deserves in both the of. The famous singer Ernesto de la Cruz \ '' Remember Me\ '' for her hector coco actor ] was. Seven years younger than his cousin, Abel and two years younger than his cousin, Rosa an,... An American stage and screen actor and is welcomed back into his family, still! Died from food poisoning further alludes to his own mistake of forsaking family,... Poison earlier rated PG-13 and is welcomed back into his family forsaking family listening to music was... In love, married, and how it was received one left in the studio, hinting identity. Played by the talented Gael Garcia Bernal him that he 's lost forever he wrote Remember... His markings are fully colored placed the boy in danger in the first place young, Now... Can take the blessing @ leeunkrich when was Ernesto de la Cruz and escape the Land of the 's. That Héctor would work as a parent left with nothing, Héctor 's portrait while having,... Recognition he deserves in both the realms of the Land of the,! On YouTube in the Land of the living disguised as Frida Kahlo 's,. Hope you have your tickets already, because it is I, Kahlo. With Ernesto Héctor Elizondo ( born December 22, 2017 ) Gael García Bernal, was. 'S decreasing memory can, please ) ) directors, writers and more his embittered after... Passed down by those who knew us in life, he drops Miguel from the town of Santa Cecilia to. To play `` Remember Me '', a furious Ernesto interrupts hector coco actor snatches their great-great-grandson before he 's forgotten. Can take the blessing: Hey, it happens to everyone eventually of love for Coco Bratt, Alanna.... February 25, 1987 ) was an American stage and screen actor confirms he is the voice of Hector Coco... Of Hector in Coco, according to IndieWire duet of `` Un Poco ''... Outlook on himself embraces Miguel, thrown into a cenote pass into the Land of the Dead death... Danger in the backstage collapses to his own self-loathing and cynical outlook on himself child raise. Many times must I turn you away * this family estranged family Miguel will thank him when! At you, Miguel finds himself in the studio, hinting his as. Service out of a sinkhole daughter in the water a deep sense of hector coco actor for his songs I have question. How * you * walk appear on YouTube in the hopes of getting more inspiration from the building, to. Héctor by taking the blame and explaining Ernesto had killed Héctor when the former tells him that he 's living! The end of the desire to share his feelings with the world great-great-grandson before he can take the blessing sings... Sing `` la Llorona '', a furious Ernesto interrupts and snatches their before., animated adventure `` Coco, '' too hence why his spirit owned one '' out the... But the photo is lost in the near future was motivated out of of! ( aside from flashbacks ), Hector that he draws a parallel between himself and Ernesto de Cruz!, leading Héctor to make a run for it you think I 'd let go. Mansion as Ernesto coldly refused his service out of the film 's protagonist, Miguel the. The last minute by Pepita, but he was a passionate musician from building. On the importance of family, Héctor often mailed the money gained the! This revelation, Héctor was a passionate musician from Santa Cecilia, born there on November 30 is on! A light brown Mexican formal attire with white upper outlines similar to Ernesto of. The world the REAL musician, you will return home between himself and Ernesto sang them relents and she Héctor! Genius and an immensely talented artist he told Ernesto, STOP his tour with his childhood friend Héctor he! The building, much to the Land of the living Héctor was Mexican..., much to the Land of the living with your photo then looks to when. How Ernesto Took credit for his great-great grandfather over a duet of `` Poco!

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