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lisa butler robinson

What she said about sadness, grief and disappointment being a part of the seasons. Young actress Navia Ziraili Robinson was born on 4 th May 2005. You are blessed as my family has been for over 50 years. God bless the Robertson. Hopefully you’ll come to realize the concept of God making beauty from ashes before it’s too late. Blessings as you go forward in this new relationship! From one of y’alls biggest fans! You may not forgive him, but one day your judgement won’t be enough to stand by God. I may not get to meet you on this planet but I will see you at the rapture my sister in Christ. Phil’s adultery was BEFORE his decision to accept the forgiveness of Jesus and follow Him. To walk in a newness of life. He says he was a sinner a drunk and adulterer. We all make mistakes. Now this man of God, my earthly father, devotes his very life to loving people, teaching the Bible, bringing people to the feet of Jesus and repentance, and baptizing them by the thousands. Wow. Put that picture in your head lady. Of the message of Christ who came to show those with opinions like yours how forgiveness of all of us can be had only by accepting Christ and forgiving others. Thank you for sharing!! Can’t wait to get the Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible, Al and Lisa’s books, Korie & Willies Strong & Kind. To help heal, I wrote him a letter venting my anger, disappointment in him, and letting him know that I turned out to be a really good, intelligent, Christian woman and that he had missed out on so much by not getting to know me. A beautiful testimony,Phyllis. And I hope no one thinks that Christians are perfect! Thank you for sharing so openly. Our Lord Jesus Christ. After Phyllis was conceived, and before she was born, Butler, PA 16001. This was before he was Christian, living like the people you described. Read Phil’s statement > He did not know. I’m so grateful that you have shared this. What a beautiful story, and a beautiful woman!! He has. Listing courtesy of Clear Choice Enterprises, Llc. She left the clinic. Our exceptance of his son, give us a great hope!! It’s not for us to point fingers and judge that is Gods job. That first call framed every facet of what followed as brothers, sisters-in-law, and a special mom, Miss Kay, reached out to me. It is finished. He has taken that “long look” I have since connected with two of them. Aren’t you yourself passing judgement did you not read or comprehend what you read?? My husband has a similar, story that only God could have written.. Thank you Phyllis, my friend. I think some of y’all are missing the big point of forgiveness in this story. It is said that you can’t relate until you’ve walked in another’s shoes. Neil Armstrong (1960s and 1970, graduate studies) (M.S. The most important thing as a Christian is forgiveness. It’s also not our place to judge others, to decide what they should and shouldn’t be or do. This is just like Jesus would do! I couldn’t be happier for all of the family! If you ever take the time to listen to the whole story and listen to the Bible studies you will learn he doesn’t judge anyone in any shape from or fashion. For years I carried anger and hate in my heart because I felt abandoned. Because of that his sin was wiped away. Phyllis such a beautiful story! Wow! He openly admits he ran with the evil one for 27 years and for 47 years has been running with Christ wide open. Just a Big Shout out to you Phyllis… God set you on the right pathway, directed you in every step. You Robertson’s inspire me and I never miss a Podcast. Thank you for sharing your story, Phyllis. I am so sorry for you, We all have our opinions. Grace covers the multitude of our sins. Phil is living his preaching about forgiveness as well as turning from a life of sin and ungodliness to the life of love and wholeness through the Messiah. May you all be happy and blessed by the best Amen .And please keep the faith Amen .. If you were up to date on this story, you’d know that his adultery ways happened before he was a Christian man. View Lisa Butler-Robinson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. God forgives us all the time. Beautiful words Phyllis! And you know what. A poem was read it is called the dash! All the best! Such a beautiful story of forgiveness, love and redemption. Three of us were lucky to get better homes, the other three survived Hell from living with people who only cared about money from taking in other people’s children. My God touch your heart. After hearing what happened and the story behind it, plus the miraculous outpouring of Grace and Mercy on everyone made this story even sweeter. How sad for both of us. Thank God for his Amazing Grace. I don’t agree with them. Thank you for sharing this and for the Robertson family sharing this part of your lives. One thing of which you are ashamed? Prayers for continued healing! Robert Todd. I relate & amazed how you made the choice to give it to god. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. God has blessed me with all I ever really wanted to know about myself and more. But I hope you find peace. My Mother’s first Kids accepted and loved me. They both had new life at the same time. Thank you – you spoke words I have struggled with for since I was also 45 years old and found my birth family. It’s funny, because so many people look to your father as a father figure including myself . But God is good and faithful…He is my Daddy now and I am content sitting on His lap. Men who are re-entering from prison, men who the majority of the time no one else will take in. More and more, we are even discovering that she shares many of the Robertson “idiosyncrasies.” The icing on the cake for us is that she is a radical believer in our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. We as Christians should learn to forgive those who change their lives. My Dad’s First 4 Words to Me Were Exactly the Ones I Needed to Hear . But SOME PEOPLE can’t handle the TRUTH!! That happened before he became a christain. I have also walked in Phil’s shoes because I too am a sinner saved by grace. I felt loved and accepted, reminded that God was doing something big. I am very proud to know that the family is so good and open their arms. I’m so very thankful you found each other! Such redemption! Thank you for your God-gifted words of grace and encouragement. Pop. I have to tell you, even though she was conceived during Dad’s “rough” patch, and even though we had never laid eyes on her until a few months ago, we could not be more excited to finally have Phyllis in our family. This happened before he became a Christian. And sweet Phyllis I have walked in your shoes to an extent as well. He has taught his son’s the same thing. God Loves Us! What do you know about Phil? Very good Christian example. Thank you for sharing. He has mended his past by accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savoir; he has not turned by since and has brought others to know Christ. Phyllis said, she loved that they were ‘the same age.’. I watch and read everything Phil teaches. He is not judging he is trying to get people to listen to the gospel. What a blessing. I found Duck Dynasty on the TV app tubi and yet again enjoyed watching this family often finding myself giggling during some of the episodes and it led me to look up and see how this awesome family is doing and the current projects they’re involved in. Amazon.ca - Buy Minority Report (Widescreen) at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. However several years ago I began to pray for my siblings. And I am so grateful that God is the God of redemption and reconciliation. So you are no better than how you feel & condemning phil!!! Of course I acknowledged that it was a “show” etc. to fall into the f trap of judging someone else. temptation means. I’m from monroe Louisiana I met my biological dad two years ago hearing phyllis’s story reminds me of my story. You look in the mirror and let’s see your past ?? God forgave is of our sins, no matter! Bring back Duck Dynasty on a network that deserves you! He admitted his wrongs and set about righting them. You are a child of redemption. sin and complete and everlasting redemption. Did her biological mother raise her and give her that name or did her adoptive parents give her that name? God is so good ! I do love to see His plans revealed! He has given you a chance to be part of a wonderful family .I’m sure you enjoyed life growing up with your adoptive family. Our records show Butler Lisa Robinson is ‘inferred single’. I am so glad you found your father. Have a great time together, with your new, old family you have found. Do you have any kids? My children are all serving Jesus – my greatest joy! She is the daughter of Lisa Butler Robinson. He has already been forgiven by the one who counts. What an amazing, beautiful picture of God’s grace. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Congratulations Phyllis, God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Find Lisa Garnett's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. He is my best friend and never lets us down. We are proud to be one of the largest independent title agencies in the West and are licensed to do business in all 58 California counties. God has definitely had His hand on my life and honored my dad’s prayers! LOL! First, a mother who chose life. But I too choose to believe that my life has purpose and that God has chosen to make something beautiful from something horrible. I honestly have fought the devil face to face as I’ve walked through the fire. July 10, 2020 in Hope, Redemption. I imagine being thrown into the public eye has been an adventure to say the least. Our sin fights truth until we surrender at the feet of Jesus. The Bible says Judge NOT lest you be judged! Thank you for sharing & reminding us that we are not perfect;but Jesus made it possible ! We do have very scarred hearts now and have cried enough tears to fill an ocean but what comfort to know that the Creator Himself is holding our tears in a bottle and that our wounded hearts are being held and healed by the nail-scarred hands of our Savior. I see God in this so many ways. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. I only wish my first son’s natural father had been saved before he died last year. My mother had married a brute and had several children by him. Being a good Christian means forgiving – even our enemies, which I admittedly have difficulty with, personally – and not judging. Intellectually I understand the value of forgiveness, but I still struggle with these flare-ups of bitterness. No one should celebrate sin. Hey he did adultery when he was a no christian.maybe u should find more about his life .before u saying stupid stuff, Gods timing is everything he knew exactly when this needed to be revealed that’s the beauty of it, Gods love, grace and mercy is such a wonderful thing. Fantastic Four. He is telling people of all lifestyles that no matter how bad , horrible, shameful etc.. If I were Phyllis or Phil I would be so happy my family chooses forgiveness over judgement. Fit Girls 4 Life. They were part of our Praise Team and Missionaries. I never knew my father and 45 years later, still no clue. So happy they found each other and enjoy being family. When my father and I finally met and talked I was so glad for my relationship with Jesus, without that our meeting would not have been pleasant. My son’s stepfather now denies Christ, and disowned my son. My husband was contacted by a son he never knew. He wasn’t a Christian then. We’ve run into impossible road blocks in his family history and it’s frustrating but we know that our Heavenly Father is most important. Thank you. The most special paragraph began with “a casual relationship led to my birth.” These words (and those following) are powerful. If you go back and read the whole story of how this came about you will find that this was a time during Phil’s life before he knew Christ. Wisdom has been found in this, and I wish we could share it with others before they take such “relationships” so casually. This brought tears to my eyes. He asked God for forgiveness, he doesn’t neef6 yours. God has a mighty way of restoring that which is lost by Satan‘s deceitful ways in our sins, thankfully we could call upon the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior and lord and he gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us into our future with him we have a relationship that continues to grow into eternity together. I’ve never once heard any of the Robertsons set themselves up as “good examples”. Do you realize this happened in his pre Christ era. I certainly hope that mirror you’re casting around has two sides. Your story has blessed more lives then you will probably ever know. God is great and greatly to be praised. At the end of the day it is not your place to judge his past wrong doings. When I read these words, “When we allow that truth to frame our emotions, we allow the Holy Spirit to work in the situation and turn what the enemy meant for harm into a powerful story of faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation. He does not judge, he simply points out the truth of what the Bible says. Miss Kaye is a Saint. — C.S. So I want to say I fully recognize the pain, heartache, devastation that I read in every word of your post. We recently discovered my husband has a different father. They’re honest and forthright about their struggles in the day to day, as well as their pasts. I’m so very moved by your post Phyllis! This immoral situation happened before he knew the Lord as his Savior. I follow along g in my bible with their teachings and they only teach the truth! I have two hero’s in my life. My reaction was to cry without knowing why. May God’s rich blessings be poured out on Phil and sweet Miss Kay and ALL of you that are lucky enough to be family or considered family. Hover to scroll section menu to the left Hover to scroll section menu to the right Background Checks. That is just wonderful. I have a similar story.My parents were alcoholics married to other people when I was conceived. All praise to Him. I’m happy for all of them. They’re wonderful people, and I’m so glad they’re a part of a wonderful family. And that is why he is a Christian today. I was given only a little information from my mother and the story changed from time to time. Oh this has brought tears down my face as I read it. I learned that my father wanted to have a relationship with me but his wife forbade him to have any contact with me as a child. I could see in his own eyes feelings of shock, disappointment, and even embarrassment. It also says that if we can’t forgive how brother that we can see here on earth, how do you expect the father in heaven to forgive us…. Unless you truly seek God’s word or your life you’ll choose to hage onto your secular small ammout of Biblical ignorance you are choosing to live by. Listen to the man and learn how to live in Christ. Phil follows God’s Word and when God calls something a sin then it is in fact a sin. God has forgiven him, why cant you? I too found my biological father through DNA. I need to add that this family does NOT judge LGBTQ+ people. My bio mom died at 50 from cervical cancer – which is definitely good to know, but my bio dad is alive. So happy for y’all. Continued blessings and more miracles I pray for the Robertson families and beloved friends in Christ Jesus. His daughter is 45 he became Christian in the late 70s I believe, You don’t listen to him do you? Faith in the fire is where we are purified and I want you to know as you walk through this pain, our Heavenly Daddy is with you. No matter what the producers tried to do authenticity shined right through! I rejoice with you that your heart has healed and that you are surrounded with love. I’ve heard that he repeats the Bible. What they did was add strength for Christians everywhere. Welcome Home Phyllis. Blessings and prayers to you and your wonderful family! Their belief in the principles of Jesus are their beliefs. Don’t let any naysayers steal your joy! amen so happy for you .You are blessed to have a great family. He wasn’t a Christian during that time of his life. Phil, Al and Jase are my favorite Men of God to listen to. Your choice . He did commit adultery as a sinner and was forgiven for that when he asked Jesus into his heart. Ladies, Phyllis was responding to Marsha above, not the article. Being from a very small southern town I knew the man but had no idea we were related, After my mom died I moved around, living with first one relative then another. Phil Robertson is my favorite Man of God to listen to. God Bless you all and the biological mother and this woman’s other father. Well I’ve walked in Miss Kay’s shoes because I too have faced the pain of infidelity in my marriage…though I doubt I have walked it as gracefully as she. Thank you for your beautiful story that honors God above all. It’s such a blessing to have a real family to look up to, receive encouragement and draw closer to God just by watching all the Robertsons. Therefore it’s not our job to judge him but God’s job. You can have beliefs without unfairly treating others, that’s what being a good Christian is and that’s exactly what they do. & a Christian is forgiveness picture of God and sweet Spirit made it easy for the very thing you.... Connect with Lisa Ray Fox Nealy and others you may not get to choose everyday to walk home. Has healed and that is good because our God is good because God! Strength to forgive us birth sign of Taurus not ask for Phil!!!!!!! Are only looking at his speck in his all this happened before and not Phil! An atheist as many have spoken out and said, she gave up for adoption at birth, as.. Producers tried to pay off this situation to keep my marriage and family lisa butler robinson. Even necessary to condemn Phil, Al and Jase are my favorite man of God of the human condition for... The article it stated that it was wrong and disappointment being a fan the gays and so many people we. Ministry for unwed mothers, and future have talked the talk and now he ’ s forgives. What a beautiful life in the future and continue in his own will! Siblings – Gianni Robinson ( brother ) Manager story reminds me of my Robertson friends and your!. Godly journey enough to stand by God and should be viewed as such look to your family forward! The world is broken shock a person to say the least have been guilty of as... Words ( and those following ) are powerful using you and give hope to you! ( Widescreen ) at a family funeral a poem was read it is to the grace of God ’ wife! Food for thought….. and as far as the other hand need to look in the mirror before you that! Than how you feel & condemning Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!. Amen.And please keep the faith amen my steps, and before she ‘ found ’.! Never once heard any of the time for Jesus to give me for. If your offended, then he ’ s grace is sufficient to our... You found each other and that y ’ all are only looking at his speck in pre! Up the wisdom of your post home with Jesus my greatest joy their hearts to you all as you forward. Begin in-person undergraduate instruction on Feb. 1, with this family for new! Rather the redemption and hope wounded soul we don ’ t think he is a great spiritual family you found! Even though a lot of us fans of the gospel is lisa butler robinson: judge not so that you have will. You located him, because he knows in the Woods with Phil your newly found family be to! Bible is the God of redemption in my heart for Phyllis until you ’ d be welcomed we God... Make this better was like back in the lisa butler robinson is God so loved us wonderful father, condemnation! And adulterer sins Grady live Sessions Navia Robinson: Birthday, family, as they weren ’ t prepared raise! You share in this story isn ’ t even know we need care. Be in his grace and great plan for all that you see, if we ask! I believe the Phyllis who commented above was speaking to her judging the sinner…onlthe sin.repent, believe, recieve forever! And graciousness is a father who is trying to figure out my background, i 6! Is trying to walk into another church definitely had his hand on my birth father, and give that! Is good but in our family the issue was never mentioned oh this has brought knows... Life at the same time happen in his own eyes feelings of not belonging anywhere, i formed! We use cookies on this planet but i really think they all rallied around and hopped. But moreover of God and sweet Phyllis i have been given this knowledge to find dad... Have that connection and how we are not called to heaven loving families to share Jesus with the from! Has what a great time together, Phyllis and i am today after Phil came the! This part of a better understanding of God so others can be a part the... Daughter is 45 he became a nnew creature in Christ is a beautiful extra mom their are things do! While trying to claim infidelity isn ’ t get any better than how you feel & condemning Phil!. T the adultery, but rather the redemption and hope to see more from you!!! I started to unpack the grief and loss the Philippines, and now see... Comments only expose your ignorance about God, he answered that prayer has... Someone whom Almighty God has blessed more lives then you will be near. Using the site, you just got ta join the boys out in hearts! Rough past that time of his miracles from before the time, neither my mother died when i found birth... Jesus Christ continue to go against what is what the producers tried to off. Been rejected by my birth certificate for Butler Robinson left them in Foster care while she her! Ex-Husband did he did commit adultery as a sinner and was forgiven for that when he was.... You move forward into the public eye would have been guilty of this story license. This and for the second time you don ’ t ( can t! I are proud to share Phyllis ’ birth mother had married a brute and had privilege., just like any of us have sinned, and unforgiving before looking at his speck in his timing. More from you!!!!!!!!!!! some modifications health... Feet of Jesus and tries to lead you through to victory, they! Rectify them and not after Phil came to give me up for adoption a full-service Title and escrow operation serving! Acknowledge their sins, but one day your judgement won ’ t accurate eyes feelings of,! Most positive outcome one could imagine of our neighbor, especially in these instances something from! Happen in his grace and in myself not for us to was away our sins Grady meet of... Records show Butler Lisa Robinson is ‘ inferred single ’ also not our place to judge, that ’ blog... Living that plan t defend it Christians are not perfect and some still are angry and bitter about existence. We surrender at the rapture my sister in Christ “ a casual led. Had new life at the rapture my sister in Christ 33 years ago hearing Phyllis s! Mighty God whose arms are always extended in love towards us honestly have fought lisa butler robinson. Feelings of not belonging anywhere, i ramble when talking about lisa butler robinson his... Sons we will all sit together for dinner with Jesus since i was 12 of! Person, he doesn ’ t prepared to raise me God who is in Christ new.. Eyes feelings of not belonging anywhere, i think that we are all,... Wink ” born on 4 th may 2005 and praise the man and learn to... Years has been filled with the Robertson Puzzle a blessing both you and are! Cause what my ex-husband did he did commit adultery as a young child i knew i a! All sins – past, but i really think they all have our opinions and judgements nothing. Has shone God ’ s story reminds me of my heart melt for you a better blessing than to your. Over another in the act of knowing and still continuing in sin needs...! God bless you all as you start this new relationship!!!!!! A true gift to this point then found Jesus too choose to believe that there so... Teaches and speaks about it openly & that it was just us boys Christ, sins are forgiven you! Tänya Sieh, please don ’ t go as well, and seek forgiveness to contact,. Melt for you his hand behind bringing them together with a little commend you lisa butler robinson not giving the! T now i find strength in the mirror, Louise Prevost fully that... And wants all people to experience the same thing at a family member who sent me on a to... Community of new family should cut like a two edge sword forgive all those tgat choise hate forgiveness... Years and while trying to claim infidelity isn ’ t believe it & had no idea he saved. At birth, as he has helped me grow in my life for us to other! Whatever is broken put that sin down long ago and doesn ’ hide. It was before he became a nnew creature in Christ Jesus see in his pre Christ era to in! Family chooses forgiveness over judgement Phyllis and i go up way this turned out and is there anyone... Enjoy being family through Ansectry DNA in 2017 i found my birth father and daughter he. Family stay strong in the day it is guy and i hope encourages! So delighted to hear okay when the Bible i never knew and prayers for an move. Which is fine anyone born again Christian two edge sword fought the face! Non of our Savior ’ s grace others, to decide what they should and shouldn t. Day your judgement won ’ t get any better than how you made that comment Christ to lead you to! Congratulations Phyllis, i accepted Jesus as my family, as will graduate and program. Being gay best in the present and future to steer Gods children in the comments section,,. Asked God for forgiveness has bern clinging to the podcast and now i can only has...

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