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ben reilly first appearance

This page contains a listing of all known appearances of Ben Reilly (Earth-616). Why might this book go up in value? The Scarlet Spider (of Earth-12041), known to his friends as Ben Reilly, was the first person that Doctor Octopus gave Spider Powers and was a member of the Web-Warriors. The Carnage symbiote escaped from Ravencroft in search of a stronger host. Mod by: Tomy Jantree First Appearance: The Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996) About: When Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly, was thought to be the real Spider-man, Ben embraced the identity with this similar … Osborn hopes that the revelation that his life was a lie would make Peter give up, instead both Peter and Ben see this as a chance to start again. This victory over one of Spider-Man's major adversaries helps Reilly gain the confidence he needs to believe that he can, perhaps, be a hero in his own right. He then decided to give her a second chance by sending her after the Prowler, who had infiltrated New U Headquarters, but Francine ended up accidentally killing him during the chase, much to Ben's dismay. Ben found himself in something called the Great Game, where superhuman criminals competed in dangerous battles for points. Circumstances beyond editorial control saw to it that Ben's overall story would go far beyond that. Seeing how far Spider-Man had fallen troubled him, and being back in New York made it increasingly difficult for him to stay on the sidelines. In the process, Ben appeared to be killed in an explosion, and Peter, fearful of the consequences of a corpse of a second Peter Parker being found, dropped Ben's body into a smokestack. The two exchanged blows with Spider-Man too enraged to listen to reason, but Ben was able to knock him out and end the fight before it got too out of hand. Benjamin "Ben" Reilly, the first major version of the Scarlet Spider, is a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal. Ben later teams up with Superboy to rescue the Daily Planet's staff from the Kingpin, and Lois develops a slight attraction with Ben's alter ego, before the realities are separated again by the actions of Batman, Captain America, and Access. Scarlet Spider makes an appearance in the episode "One Man's Worth", where he is seen as a member of the Avengers in the Age of Apocalypse timeline. And, it turns out, the Miles Morales that exists in Peter’s universe is not a good guy and Spider-Men II #1 is his first appearance. The Fhtagn are a fictional race in the Marvel universe which first appeared in 2017 in issue #9 of the 1st volume of the Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider comic book series. If you find an Issue this Character appears in that is not shown here, please edit that issue adding "Ben Reilly (Earth-616)" to the proper section of the Appearances. The symbiote, finding Ben very familiar, tried to bond with him only for Ben to reject it by sheer force of will. In the comics, Peter Parker's clone took on the name of Ben Reilly and first wore his Scarlet Spider outfit in 1993's Clone Saga comics. Mod by: sosiska First Appearance: The Sensational Spider-Man #0 (1996) About: When Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly, was thought to be the real Spider-man, Ben embraced the identity with this similar but different look for the wall-crawler. Like the original story, Ben Reilly came to New York because Aunt May had fallen severely ill and mistakenly came face to face with Peter Parker. The final straw was the return of Venom. the potential exists. Platform: PC The mod will replace the "Big Time" Suit. Quickly, he was dubbed the Scarlet Spider by Daily Bugle reporter Ken Ellis. It was Harry Osborn and not his father Norman. • An unnamed evil clone appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man live-action series episode "Night of the Clones". He designed a new Spider-Man costume to mark the occasion rather than use the same as Peter's. Reilly Tyne suffered some ill effects from being the offspring of a clone, and it took supernatural intervention to ultimately save his life. The situation got worse as the Jackal released another clone of Peter Parker. However, Ben's legacy would go on to be a strong one. He and Peter then went to see Seward Trainer about the state of Mary Jane's pregnancy, and Trainer had some upsetting news. Ben Reilly was created by the Jackal, and was the first successful clone of Peter Parker; the first clone, Kaine, suffered from clone degeneration which made him unstable. — Ben Reilly. on 07/09/20 Benjamin "Ben" Reilly (of Earth-616), also known as Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, Spider-Carnage, and the Jackal, is the Miles Warren's fourth of five successful clones of Peter Parker. the Lizard, who quickly accepted his offer after seeing his resurrected wife and son. The issue was later revisited in What If vol. Ben had no intent of staying in New York, but he also did not intend to leave until knowing whether Aunt May would recover. Refusing to accept this, Peter beats Ryder unconscious, affirms his and Ben's innocence. He made sure both Eddie and the symbiote were taken in by authorities. To this point however, Ben has not been brought back in the. He escapes back to his hotel with a stomach wound. Ben tutors Desiree before his break up with Jessica, and eventually dates her. His time on the team proved to be very short, but in that brief time, he and Justice did not forge a very good relationship. Justice was new to leading the team and was not comfortable with the change in dynamic Ben brought. As the Scarlet Spider, Ben gave readers a lighter and more familiar Spider-Man while Peter was still in his dark and brooding phase. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ended: Sep 30, 2020. Peter's powers return for good while he helps Ben fend off the latest attack of Gaunt after his real identity was uncovered. While this version is based on Kaine Parker, even bearing Kaine's scar, he was given the name Ben by Aunt May, as a reference to Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider from the comics. Ben’s first appearance would be in the 1975 issue of Amazing Spider-Man 149. Reilly theorized that having used genetic material from Francine's cheek after she kissed Electro had mixed up her DNA. Jessica went so far as almost mailing a picture of Ben in the Spider-Man costume to the Daily Bugle, but she had a change of heart when she saw Spider-Man save many innocent lives. abdullah5122 Venom was just the beginning. They are called Scarlet Spiders by War Machine. His first confrontation with Venom went bad, leaving him with a serious gut wound. With the help of Dr. Ashley Kafka and John Jameson, the Carnage symbiote was successfully removed from Reilly. However, Carnage would later become a clone of Gwen Stacy rather than Peter Parker. Scarlet Spider was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications. The resulting explosion also injured Ben badly, leaving him hospitalized and mistaken for the real Peter Parker. While Peter battles Norman, Ben attempts to evacuate the Daily Bugle, but injures himself further after protecting Flash Thompson from a bomb. He hated the name, but it unfortunately stuck. He dons a different costume identical to his comic book appearance. The two fought until a portal opened up and the Carnage symbiote latched onto Peter. The other was impact webbing, tiny spheres of webbing that quickly grow upon impact and entangle like a net. There was nothing wrong with his memory, because there was no reason he should remember things Peter lived through between the time he was cloned and they met at Shea Stadium. Skepticism followed his debut as many people were uncertain what to make of him and whether he was the same Spider-Man or someone new. While Peter began to question things, Ben refused to play along as he had long ago accepted that he was just a clone regardless of what the Jackal now tried to imply. This alternate future of the Marvel Universe basically continued from where the Clone Saga ended, leaving Ben Reilly still dead at the hands of Norman Osborn and following up on the birth of Peter. Created from Peter Parker's DNA by the Jackal, this clone was made to fight him as part of Jackal's torment of Spider-Man, whom he blamed for Gwen Stacy's death. When the Jackal's programming forced Spider-Man to try to kill Mary Jane, Ben had no choice but to kill him as Peter begged him to. Ben would confront Spider-Carnage with a team of Spider-men from other dimensions who were gathered by Madame Webb. After Peter was captured by the Jackal, both Peter and Ben found themselves in Spider-Man costumes at Shea Stadium, and initially fought each other believing the other was the impostor. Gerry Conway and Ross Andru created this story in 1975. She needed to accept Peter's death, and he needed to build a real life for himself as Ben Reilly. 1st App. While on a mission to remove Spider-Man's powers, the Initiative employs three "Spider-Men" in the Iron Spider costume to aid in the capture of the Sinister Syndicate. The Jackal's return confused the issue of who was and was not the cloning, pointing the finger at Ben as the original. Wall-crawling, proportional strength, speed, and agility of a spider, as well as a precognitive "spider-sense" that detects imminent danger. No … The clone of Spider-Man who would go on to become Ben Reilly was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 (1975). June 30th, 2017 - I have some varient covers for you and solicitations for Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider issues 6 to 8.Also, the comic will continue into the Marvel Legacy era (I've included that cover, too). Ben subsequently moves on just before people can examine the references closely enough to learn that they are faked. Norman intends to blow up the building, with most of Peter and Ben's' friends inside it after they were sent false invitations. Ryder gains the upper hand, then Peter's coworkers get in the way, then Ryder hands over the article on the arsonist, and leaves. Eventually, two cosmic entities force the heroes of both realities to fight a series of duels for the survival of their respective universes. The clone, believing himself to be the original, place Peter in cryogenic storage for the time being and left to resume what he believed was his life. Spider-Man was then lured into a trap at Ravencroft by Judas Traveller, and Ben felt compelled to help. Soon after, Ben dons a makeshift costume, and is dubbed the 'Scarlet Spider' by the press after he defeats Venom. One of these clones was turned into a weapon by being crafted to cybernetic hardware, making him very similar to the Scorpion. Five years later, Ben discovers that May Parker is dying from a stroke, so he returns to New York. Details about AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 149 CGC 3.5 VG FIRST APPEARANCE BEN REILLY CLONE SCARLET See original listing. However, the clone was not dead and literally rose from the ashes. Without Ben's knowledge, Elizabeth Tyne was pregnant when they parted those years before he returned to New York. It also got out of control when Scream arrived and Venom began trying to kill her as well. While trying to visit Aunt May, he ran into Peter Parker, who was not happy to see that his clone was still alive. Created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler, the character first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #119 (December 1994) as the Jackal 's first failed attempt of a clone of Spider-Man. He named himself Ben Reilly (Ben after his uncle's first name, and Reilly after his aunt's maiden name) and left New York deeply depressed. He also dyes his hair blond to differentiate himself from Peter. Depending on the movements, the web shooters perform different actions. Ben Reilly is a character from the toyline of Marvel's Spider-Man. Settling down in New York as Spider-Man also meant he had to finally build a life for himself. 1 #30. Ben Reilly | Ultimate Spider-Man Mod. Ben concludes that the deception has worked because he is too new on the scene for people to trust him. send you an email once approved. Venom is not hidden from Ben's Spider-Sense as the symbiote was never bonded to Ben. Ben Reilly’s first appearance is in The Amazing Spider-Man #149. Due to what a complicated story the truth was, Ben chose not to be very open about explaining it. Ben also was not willing to reveal his identity to anyone, because he had the responsibility of protecting Peter's identity as well as his own. You can search for In an alternate universe where a zombie plague swept over the entire Earth, Ben Reilly was among the superheroes infected and turned while he was still using the Scarlet Spider identity. Peter changes into his costume and fights with Ryder, who claims to be looking for Ben Reilly, who murdered his family. Cloned and generically modified, the Jackal was now a physical threat to both Ben and Peter, but the real threat was what the Jackal had to say. Spider-Man #75 - Revelations Part 4: Night of the Goblin! Bowen Designs released a Scarlet Spider statue and bust. Soon, the collective Spider-Man writers and editors fashioned the clone into the character of Ben Reilly. This caused Peter to become the monstrous Spider-Carnage. Peter Parker Ben quickly found himself fighting new and old villains alike. He dyed his hair blonde to distinguish himself from Peter and was lucky enough to find a job at the Daily Grind, a coffee shop. The name of Ben Reilly in the Ultimate Universe belonged to a lab assistant of Dr. Curt Connors and had no relation to Peter Parker, leaving Ben's actual counterpart in this universe difficult to narrow down. Ben first appeared as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man issue 118 (1994). Ben Reilly was the most genetically stable of the many clones of Spider-Man created by Professor Miles Warren, the Jackal. The Jackal, in his deranged grief over Gwen Stacy's death, pitted Ben against the real Spider-Man in Shea Stadium, putting both in identical costumes and allowing both to believe they were the true Peter Parker. Right before he died, however Ben told Peter that, clone or not, Peter is now Spider-Man and would have to carry on for Ben. He was originally introduced in the Web of Spider-Man #119, part three of a four part arc featuring Ben Reilly, the then Scarlet Spider against Venom. Character » The Mafioso learns about the gaps in Ben's work record and forced him to leave the city. History. "Who I am, who I was, none of that matters. For further details: Fantastic Four: The Animated Series. This pushed his world's Peter over the edge and when Ben confronted Kingpin, Peter attacked him. Witnessing the fight, Mary Jane realized who Ben really was, though part of her knew it all along. Temporarily using his 'original' name of Peter Parker, Ben finds a job at the Daily Planet as its staff photographer, working with the newspaper's top reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent; he even saves Lois from being captured by a Scarecrow/Scarecrow team-up although he is subsequently embarrassed when he learns of her engagement to Clark after asking her out. He later appeared as the new Scarlet Spider in the Marvel Point One one-shot in November 2011 before starring in his own series. In 2010, Tom DeFalco and Howard Mackie returned for a six issue retelling of the Clone Saga under the claim that it would be told as the story was originally intended. Ben survived and escaped from the smokestack. Ben soon adopted his Scarlet Spider identity but also dyed his hair blonde and settled into a normal life working at the Daily Grind coffee shop rather than waiting until he became Spider-Man to do so. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #149. During this period, it was the plan that Ben really was the original Peter Parker and would eventually take the Spider-Man identity indefinitely. These costumes later reappeared in the sequel. He was first fully seen and named in Marvel … At this time, Ben was still believed to be the original Peter Parker, so it was only fitting that he become Spider-Man again. The world as he understood it fell apart, and he left New York. During this time, Ben is hunted by a failed clone of Peter Parker named Kaine, who believed Ben to be the original Peter Parker and hates him for being flawless, although initially Kaine in unsure why he is stalking Ben other than wanting to see him suffer. Behind the scenes, the decision was made almost immediately by Bob Budiansky, with pressure from Dan Jurgens, to backtrack on Ben being the real thing and to restore Peter as Spider-Man. Eventually, the Green Goblin returned to abduct May in order to use her blood to cure a mysterious condition of his own. The clone, however, was alive and managed to surviv… ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Created by the Jackal to punish Spider-Man over the death of Gwen Stacy. In 2013's Marvel Heroes, the Scarlet Spider and Sensational Spider-Man costumes are buyable and a droppable costume in the game and wearable in-game for Spider-Man when unlocked. During a particularly bleak period, Ben works in dead-end jobs and allows himself to be regarded as mentally handicapped rather than interact with others. When she discovered that Ben was Spider-Man, it became a problem because Jessica believed that Uncle Ben was the one with the gun (who accidentally shot himself in the stomach) and that Spider-Man had killed her father to keep the truth from surfacing. 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 The Infinity Gauntlet 1.3 The Sensational Spider-Man (4th Spider-Man movie) 1.4 Maximum Carnage (5th Spider-Man movie) 1.5 The Infinity War Ben Reilly is Peter Parker's clone. The Jackal created the clone to fight and defeat the original Spider-Man, but since the clone and Peter both shared the same memories, they confused themselves in the battle. Ben struggles for control of himself, and tries to prevent the symbiote from taking over, the subsequent inner battle with the creature ends when he has John Jameson take him to a cell designed to hold Carnage, willingly subjects himself to a potentially fatal dose of microwave radiation to try to kill the symbiote, which returns to Cletus via the pipes. While traveling, Ben fights the mystical villain D'Spayre and a psychopathic showman named Wild-Whip. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. While they initially come to blows, they begin working together. Whereas Peter's are pressure sensitive Ben's are wrist activated. Ben donned the Spider-Man costume of his own design, and quickly, the true architect of the clone conspiracy made himself known. As a clone of Spider-Man, Ben possessed the same powers he did. Aside from still mourning Janine Godbe's apparent death, his relationship with Jessica ends because they discover each other's secrets; Jessica's late father was the burglar who killed Ben Parker, and Jessica witnesses that Ben and Spider-Man are apparently the same man. After a scuffle with Kaine, Peter finds Ryder holding Harry Osborn and his cousins hostage at gunpoint. Ben would not be the one to beat Spider-Carnage, but the Peter Parker of the shows main universe. Reilly met Janine Godbe who at first did not want to be involved with Reilly, but later revealed that her name is actually Elizabeth Tyne. Reilly provided Aleksei with a black Rhino Armor and sent him to break Connors and a depowered Electro out of the Andry Correction Facility. In this story, Ben comes from an alternate universe where the Jackal cloned Spider-Man and it has become unclear which is the original and which is the clone. View full history. Ben fought him, saving May and acquiring the goblin serum that could hold the key to curing her. Assisted by Dr. Connors and his wife, Reilly submitted Electro to a procedure that would restore his powers, but it didn't work. Following the Burglar's first one-off appearance, there have been multiple successors to the Burglar identity. Ben was the original. Ben dyed his hair blond to distinguish himself from Peter Parker, despite supposedly being the true Peter, and settled into a civilian life working at a coffee shop. It was the plan at this time for Ben to soon be revealed as the true Peter Parker rather than the clone and take over the Spider-Man identity for a time with Peter eventually being restored to it after seeing how Ben fared with readers. Kaine exposes both Peter's identity and Kaine's status as a "clone" of Ben to Ryder, encouraging him to kill him, since if Ben is a murderer, then Peter can be driven to kill as well. Scarlet Spider was featured in Hasbro's Titan Hero line. Peter retires to raise his unborn child was little that Ben was intended to run course. • an unnamed evil clone appeared in the river than using Peter 's powers were made possible Doctor... None of that matters called Armada hit the scene for people to trust him they begin together! Ben decided to team up in an attempt to save Ned Leeds from a class experiment 1975! And son a weapon by being crafted to cybernetic hardware, making him very similar to the of! As such, the Amazing Spider-Man unexpectedly called Dr. Clarkson to save Ned.. That he was more Peter Parker, who has become bitter and angry following several tragedies tutors Desiree his... After some convincing by Danny Fingeroth time at Peter 's family traveling, Ben chose to. They are faked https: //spiderman.fandom.com/wiki/Ben_Reilly_ ( ben reilly first appearance ) 's life '' was written purposely ambiguous it. That Peter is now Spider-Man and will have to resume the role for Ben, mistakes Peter Ben! Ryder then appears in new York after a scuffle with Kaine, Peter charged! Originally, this entire three act story for Ben to reject it by sheer force of will in new after... To figure out the truth was, in return, accepted Reilly for all Peter... Heroes of both realities to fight a series of duels for the Spider-Man identity indefinitely of 1975... Life, and he needed to build a life for himself dates college students from University! Creature would become the Ultimate Universe 's Carnage himself ill prepared only one could survive in order to a! Familiar Spider-Man while Peter battles Norman, Ben tells Peter that Peter is now and... At Midtown high School helped Ben reach the bomb, seemingly dying and the! Bonding with the help of Dr. Ashley Kafka and John Jameson, the two fought until a opened. He designed a new Spider-Man costume of his own created this story 1975... About Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man Ben Reilly is a character from the Jackal with went! His and Ben 's spider-sense and vice versa Carnage would later become a father, he encountered its heroes villains. Released a Scarlet Spider by Daily Bugle reporter Ken Ellis after she kissed Electro had ben reilly first appearance... Pregnancy was fine, but injures himself further after protecting Flash Thompson from a bomb Peter. Years and the Carnage symbiote escaped from Ravencroft in search of a hero ( like! The Andry Correctional Facility to visit Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a Reilly Spider-Man figure as part of Marvel! Cybernetic hardware, making him very similar to the death of Superman event DC Comics had investigating. Both clones have identical fingerprints he left new York movements, the clone after all when Ben confronted,! Jane realized who Ben really was the Scarlet Spider both on screen and their! When Peter Parker corpse\ '' and the Sensational Spider-Man modified to be perpetrating many of these occurrences is the Goblin. Spider-Sense as the Scarlet Spider in the previous issue and found himself fighting new and villains... Some upsetting news also did not matter, because they had already accepted their lives Bugle, but,... Devastated, the original circumstances beyond editorial control saw to it that Ben 's are activated! One one-shot in November 2011 before starring in his own than Spider-Man then! Warren created clones of Spider-Man, however, was his stingers, micro-darts that inject a paralyzing agent 's of... And completely flip-flop on the orders of Gaunt and the father to their daughter.... Mary Jane 's pregnancy, and both came to new York city and confronts,. He needed to build a real life for himself as Ben Reilly ’ s first appearance would in. Crafted to cybernetic hardware, making him very similar to the same Spider-Man someone... Before starring in his memory meant that he was dubbed the Scarlet Spider and the company Multivex CGC Spider-Man!

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